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A Season Lost is Jeff Zentner's third album. In the broadest sense, it deals with love, loss, endings, and the transience of time—in particular, the way a season, or a whole year can slip away during a tumultuous period. A Season Lost arose from just such a period in his life. It arose from a time of breaking down and rebuilding. It represents the reaching of a safe harbor after a storm and a looking back. Some of the songs on this album are directly about that time. Some are not. But in a way, they all are.

Sonically, this album builds and expands upon the lush and haunting pastoral sound that Jeff Zentner created on his first two albums, "Hymns to the Darkness" (2007) and "The Dying Days of Summer" (2009). It features prominently Elin Palmer's elegiac string playing and harmony vocals. Buck and Shanti Curran (Arborea), Rykarda Parasol, Matt Bauer, Josie Little, Hannah Fury, and Sumie Nagano also lend their prodigious instrumental and vocal talents.


Lyrically, this album reflects the continuing influence of writers such as Jack Gilbert, Michael Ondaatje, Cormac McCarthy, Joe Bolton, Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Cave on Jeff Zentner's writing.


As with his first two albums, A Season Lost is profoundly connected to place and time--the cool dark autumn forests of the North Carolina mountains, the soft green magnolia twilight of the Tennessee summer, the gathering storms of spring scattering blossoms on the road, the smoky stillness of a winter evening that precedes the snow, in a place where it snows just twice a year.


 A Season Lost was released on July 24, 2012.